“Working with Craig is a percussionist’s dream come true. It is very rare that a composer takes the time to actually come to the performer & learn the intricacies of numerous percussion instruments…. It takes a lot of confidence & skill to be able to make a piece for two percussion, trombone & tuba that is accessible to audiences, while still not sacrificing a shred of artistic integrity. Mr. Woodward is an incredible composer & I would recommend any musician or ensemble looking for commissions to work with him”

—Jacob Nissly, Percussion, Principle, San Fransisco Symphony

“Craig is a very gifted young composer whose imagination & musical language both exhibit an original & musically craft-filled mind. Trained in classical piano, exposed to jazz & popular music & trained at the graduate level in composition, his work reflects a broad range of leaps & settled expertise.”

—Dr. William C. Banfield, Composer, Berklee College of Music

“Craig Woodward’s music always seems to command rapt attention from audiences. Certainly the dense textures & rhythmic complexity demand focus from the listener, but it is really the wonderful surprises that seem to lurk around every corner that create the highly charged atmosphere. The instrumental writing is characteristically both idiomatic & adventurous. Woodward often paints in bold strokes & on a sweeping canvas. His is an indisputably modernist voice, but one that is frequently leavened by an underlying streak of humor.”

—Jonathan David, Composer & Conductor

“Craig’s music has many levels. I especially enjoy the sense of humor & fun-natured experimentalism that Craig mixes into his pieces. As a result, the audience is not excluded, & Craig is still able to maintain his individual voice. I wish that such a composer was not an anomaly in today’s scene.”

—Dan Peck, Tuba, International Contemporary Ensemble, The Dan Peck Trio

"The music [of Hamlet] is very much Woodward’s own: dissonant, brooding, kaleidoscopic, multi-layered, occasionally violent, & essentially lyrical in its approach to setting these famous texts.”

— Javier Oviedo, saxophone, & Paul Linkletter, Tenor, Playwright, The F.R.E.D. Chamber Players

“Craig Woodward’s music exists simultaneously in a world of meticulous precision & one of ultimate freedom. This balance, or sometimes imbalance, allows his extremely difficult yet playable scores to come into being as living forms of sound. This can also be attributed to, or enhanced by, Craig’s insistence on an unusually high level of sonic & technical intimacy with his sound sources. The result is a naturally experimental & progressive music that is to be lent a sincere & open ear.”

—Kevin Sims, Percussion, Lucerne Percussion Group, Red Light New Music

“Craig Woodward’s music is clear & well thought out….his musical language is communicative & resonant—it speaks!”

—Rama Gottfried, Composer

“Craig’s writing has always draped my aural senses with a vibrant spectrum of colors. The placid washed-out tones, shady introspective passages, & moments of blinding violence are all part of the landscape that is Craig Woodward’s music. These colors are present not just for color’s sake, but written because of the need to express. Collaborating with such a composer whose music is a direct link to the consciousness is every musician’s dream.”

—Justin Clark, Bass Trombone, Bern Symphony Orchestra, Tranzɪənt Ensemble

“Mr. Woodward is a prodigious composer & possesses a fluid style & an exceptional range that is evident from his work.”

—Boris Shpitalnik, Clarinet, Arts X Music