Welcome to the Resonant Musician Method. 

I have created this approach to learning music after years of teaching and researching how to help students and myself learn and do music faster.

As a pianist, improviser, composer and theorist, it has been natural to teach lessons. I have taught most of my life, starting private instruction at the age of 15. I have taught privately now for 22 years. I have taught lessons and classes at the University level for 7 years.

Here you will find access to the Resonant Musician Method. I teach lessons not only focused on imparting the skills, techniques and the mindset necessary to become a better pianist or pass an AP Music Theory test, but also focused on growing the individual in the skills of confidence, dedication, goal-setting, and mind mastery. You may read more at www.ResonantMusician.com.

Lessons taught in the following areas:

Piano – Improvisation, Jazz, Blues, Rock & Pop. 

  • Beginners, Teens, Adults, Classical pianists, all levels.
  • Learn modes, chords, keys, and application in real-time improv.
  • Basic & Advanced techniques for Jazz, Blues, Rock & Pop idioms, including theory.
  • Heavy emphasis on improv alone and with teacher in lessons.
  • Learn to read Lead Sheets, increase piano technique & improv skills.

Piano – Classical, Pop, Suzuki

  • Beginners, Teens, Adults, Classical pianists, all levels.
  •  Sight reading skills – learn to be an on-demand pianist!
  • Piano technique – learn to play fast and easily! Exercises for rehabilitation from hand/finger/arm pain.
  • Basic & Advanced theory as needed/desired
  • Learn style-specific expression (e.g. Chopin, Beethoven, Bach)
  • Work on any music you want!

Composition & Song Writing

  • Learn rehearsal & conducting skills – Communicate to get the most out of your rehearsal and recording session!
  • Orchestration skills – learn to write for any instrument idiomatically, write that chamber piece or orchestral piece you have dreamed about.
  • Notation skills – present professional-grade scores and parts to performers.
  • Learn to write songs – write your own musical or art song!
  • Learn the Collaboration Mindset – understand the composer’s mindset to collaborate with film, theater, dance, multimedia gigs.
  • Any style of composition is taught and welcomed.

Music Theory & Music Paper Support

  • Prep for your AP Music Theory exam
  • Prep for College Music Theory exams
  • Support for Undergraduate and Graduate Theory classes
  • Editing and structural support for Undergraduate and Graduate music papers

Piano Tuning

  • 22 years of Piano Tuning experience
  • Experience with Baldwin, Yamaha, Steinway, and other dealers